Health and Safety Training Courses.  We have developed this public information website to help you decide on the best health and safety training courses available. We have listed below some of the worlds leading health, safety, quality and environmental management associations, institutes and professional bodies connected with HSE training and development.  They are some of the very best within the industry, who you can trust to deliver the quality you expect, for you and your employees.  Contact them directly for information and availability of their safety courses.

We would all like to recommend ISQEM and its blog which contains numerous articles never seen before on the internet. You must check out their documents and stories related to the HSE practitioner and general  management. The blog which is updated  every week is worth a visit to increase your knowledge and exposure to the safety world. Plus you can download their documents for free use.

ISQEMInternational Safety Quality Environment Management Association   a UK non-profit making association, with full international coverage. Courses from certificate level to advanced diploma level. Email:

CIEH - Chartered Institute Environmental Health  A leading environmental institute for environmental health courses

ROSPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents    courses mainly in the UK

WSO- World Safety Organization American based organization with full international coverage of training courses.

Health safety training courses that are often undertaken by candidates with the above organizations include the following;

Manual Handling Instructor / Trainer Courses

Accident Investigation Courses 

DSE Assessors Course

Workstation Assessor

ISQEM Leadership Course

ISQEM Behavioral Based Safety Management

ISQEM Accident / Incident Investigation

ISQEM Risk Assessor

Fire warden 

Emergency and Crisis Management Training Course

Construction fire Management 

Quantified Risk Profiling with Safety Management ( A unique ISQEM Training Course)

Risk Assessors Course I Day

Risk Assessment

Risk Management

HSE Performance Auditor (Senior)

Critical Safety Risk Assessor

Train the Trainer 2 Day

General Certificate Occupational Health and Safety

Construction OHS Certificate

Construction Fire Management Certificate

Developing HSQE Systems and Procedures

Environmental Awareness


Risk Impacy profiling  (RIP) 

International Health Safety Quality and Environmental Management Certificate

Sustainability Certificate

International Operations

Fire Safety Management Certificate Course

Corporate Risk Management

Organisations in the United Kingdom and International

'UK health and safety training is one of the major organizations based within the UK  they deliver a unique range of professional services for all industry sectors. Their website contains details on some of the courses they can deliver for you, and they are open to developing bespoke training programs. Visit their website  for further information and contact details. They have some great deals for 2015 /2016.

CentreMax Health and Safety Consultants are one of the United Kingdoms leading health,safety, quality environmental consultancies who deliver some of the world's best health and safety training. Their vast health and safety experience within the UK and overseas market allows them to pass on their knowledge to trainees in a very realistic and proactive way. Their website can be found at which contains details on the services they can provide within the UK or overseas. They should be your first and only contact you will ever need in HSE consultancy services.

International Safety Quality Environment Management Association (ISQEM) a non-profit making government registered body.  They offer free membership and also run free of charge ISQEM functions and training courses. They participate in international conferences on a regular basis.

All of the above HSQE organizations deliver a first class top quality service in regards to occupational health and safety, environmental and quality management. They are all well known leaders in their respective fields who are leading the way across the world in raising HSQE standards and delivery.

This web page is a free public information service and has been produced to assist people in selecting training courses in HSQE. If you would like to submit your organization, association or institute to this webpage please email to

Safety Consultants,  Advisors,  Inspectors, Australia, India, Hong Kong, South Africa, America, Singapore, China, India, Hong Kong, London, Kent, Maidstone, London, Malaysia, Asia in 2015.

New approaches to leadership is making waves in the HSE. One of the worlds top courses on HSE leadership and management, you need to take a look at the traditional way of training in leadership skills you will see it has failed to make any real difference in regards to safety. That's why ISQEM have updated this approach with a course that will change the future of HSE.

ISQEM courses

Increasingly, the management of risk is accepted as central to business prosperity and future growth. So, to protect your business, it's advisable to be fully compliant with health and safety standards and international best practices.

Our prominent relationship with HSE professionals and other international associations means our training is appropriate to meet the exact requirements of the global workforce . There is no better way to give your business credibility than develop your employees to ISQEM standards of HSE practices and management leadership.

Our extensive portfolio of courses reflects the associations expertise,  where qualified tutors offer your staff individual support, both during and after our courses. We support our delegates to succeed in their careers, giving them the tools to prosper and contribute to their own and the business success.


We offer flexible ways to learn, to suit your individual requirements, such as in-company, face to face, e-learning, blended and distance learning.

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